A.I. powered video review and testimonial automation for everything you do.

The social proof you need on autopilot in less than an hour.

Collecting video testimonials , reviews and social proof should not be hard, expensive, or missing!

Without the tools to collect the the testimonials and feedback you need to grow your business and decrease sales friction, it's going to cost you...

Your business won't grow
Your prospects will lose trust in you
Your site visitors will continue to bounce without purchasing or booking
You'll keep guessing at which path leads to business success
You'll keep feeling like a “business imposter”
You'll wonder if you’re reaching your potential

You don’t have to fake it till you make it. Get Veedback and get everything you need to become the brand who doesn’t just sound like they care about the audience they serve—you’ll actually know how your prospects and customers feel and invite them into a story that works.

Everything you need to automate the collection of videos from your audience and customers.

In less than an hour you will no longer struggle to collect videos from your audience or customers. Gone are the days of finding time to schedule a zoom and ask for testimonials. You’ll quickly wonder how you ever operated before you had evergreen product reviews from your customers. Instead, on the same day you decide to start, in less than an hour you will be collecting videos from your free and paid offers. You will never lack the testimonials, reviews or the social proof you need again.


That’s right. It just takes 1 click for your customers to send you their videos. No apps, no downloads, no hassle.

A.I. analysis

We use A.I. to analyze customer videos, so you can understand them better than ever before

Unlimited requests

We know you have a lot going on, so we wont limit you to just a few campaigns.

our process

How it works

With just 4 simple steps, getting content from your customers has never been easier



Veedback creates a unique recording link / QR code for you to send to your customers



Your customers use Veedback’s one-click-record platform to submit their content



View videos and AI generated insights on each video via your Veedback dashboard



Download and share your videos across all the platforms you love

Using AI to build insights and connections

With Veedback's AI analysis, we show you sentiments, objects found, emotion detection, and so much more.

Customer profile user interface

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